Love Your Library: Go online for reading, learning and entertainment

San Diego County Library’s Digital Collection

According to a press release, the San Diego County Library is investing half a million dollars to enhance its digital collection, much of which is available via You can read magazines and newspapers and download ebooks and audiobooks. From novels to tips on investing, there’s a world of entertainment and education at your fingertips.

Tutorials and Classes is a new offering from the San Diego County Library. All you need is your library card to access business, creative, and tech tutorials taught by expert instructors. If you don’t have a library card you can get one online at

Wifi Still Works!

Although you can’t go inside the Rancho Santa Fe Library, you can access its Wifi from the perimeter outside. So, if you need some fresh air and good internet access, the library has you covered!

Shop Local and Independent

If what you want to read isn’t available via the library, you can buy it and have it delivered by Warwick’s ( As well, try IndieBound (, a service that connects you to independent bookstores in your area. And the brand-new site, (, has a business model that generates financial support for authors and independent bookstores, struggling because of physical store closures. Of course, you can also shop on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.